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Auto Cutting and Sewing Machine, High Speed 7 Colors Roll, Laminating Machine, Blow Film Machine.

The finishing process has a high risk of

foreign matter contamination since a lot of the process are

done by manual labour. We design our finishing area to be separated from our manufacturing area to allow us a higher degree of control in our finishing processes. This allows us to reduce the risk of foreign matter contamination.

Auto Cutting and Sewing Machine :

Our automatic cutting and sewing machine is equipped with

automatic inner bag inserting function which means inner bags no longer have to be inserted manually and thus reducing the possibility of foreign matter contaminations.

High Speed 7 Colors Roll :

To Roll Printing Machine :

Roll to roll printing machine is used to produce accurate and high-quality printed bags with up to 7 color combinations.

1 Unit Laminating Machine

( PP Film or Kraft Paper Lamination )

Blow Film Machine :

To ensure the quality and supply of inner bags inside our

woven bags we have invested in a blow film machine.

This allows us to assert a higher degree of control to the quality of the inner bags and also to apply just in time supply method to our finishing process.

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